10 Media Trends for 2015: App'y Services


The rapid uptake and dominance of mobile usage has taken the world by storm. Apps are the gateway to mobile usage with 86% of time spent on mobile in apps.

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We have seen this trend continue to increase, with overall app usage growing by 76% in 2014*, driven by shopping, utilities, productivity and messaging. App titans such as Facebook are breaking off key tasks like messaging, groups and local search into single purpose apps, giving users new ways to access specific services quickly. However, as the war for mobile real estate and repeat usage continues there is a growing need for apps/brands to integrate with other services, sharing data, information and linking to each other, enabling brands to deliver a more direct and fluid experience across services.

Status in Australia

 In 2014, app-based transportation network, UBER announced it was developing an open API to allow other services, such as Google Maps to integrate their service in search results. Global sports betting company Bet365 integrates the live streaming of sports events from across the globe into its betting platform to enable users to watch what they are betting on in the moment. MyFitnessPal integrates the data from numerous health apps such as Fitbit, Jawbone, and MapMyRun providing users with seamless health tracking information.

Implications for brands

 1. Integrating apps within apps provides an opportunity to add value to consumers and partner with brands with similar values and outlooks.

 2. Apps must be reviewed critically, to be simple and provide real value to consumers. Think of your brand as a service opportunity rather than an advertising message. 3.Creating open source apps allows for your brand to be seen by more potential customers who may not know about you yet!

 *Flurry Analytics 2014

tech trends
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