10 Media Trends for 2015: Entertainment on Demand


An entertainment revolution is upon us. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and YouTube have crafted a world of category leading content available to consumers on the devices they wish, whenever they want.

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To illustrate the scale of this consumer trend, Netflix currently makes up 35% of overall U.S. internet traffic. There are more than half a billion connected TV devices in use around the world; from 4K connected TV’s to device pairing dongles like Google’s ChromeCast. Connected TVs and on-demand entertainment services bring with them new advertising opportunities. Not only are we seeing the opportunity to ad-serve video ads into connected TV systems but on-demand content providers offering new opportunities to distribute high-quality, ad-funded content.

Status in Australia.

HbbTV launched in Australia in 2014 enabling electronic program guides, new channels, interactivity, PVR and catch-up TV. It means consumers can access FTA TV and IPTV services such as iView and SBS on Demand in one place. Netflix is set to launch in the Australian market in March 2015 including a 4K premium service. Presto, co-owned by Seven West Media and Foxtel, offers subscriptions to unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows. Channel Nine and Fairfax’s joint venture Stan launched in February. Sling TV’s 2015 CES launch caused a buzz with it’s ‘cable cord cutting’ access to live US cable channels. The live TV service allows subscribers live access to ‘cable only’channels across all devices.

Implications for brands.

1. AV strategies must strike a balance between legacy and emerging behaviours to capture audiences at scale. 2. Brands can still take advantage of specific audiences’ appointment to view programming, especially sport and reality TV, to access immediate audience volume.

tech trends
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