10 Media Trends for 2015: Going 'Full Stack'


As new start-ups look to expand, diversifying business will increasingly become a matter of following an expertise rather than an audience. Brands are acutely aware of the power of expertise and will be looking for ways to grow business whilst remaining true to their roots.

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Airbnb has built on its expertise in travel by publishing city guides and offering concierges, while Uber has extended its service to include a delivery offering for their customers, a new move but within the realms of their transportation heart. Going ‘full stack’ allows brands to innovate and grow whilst keeping their meaning strong and their purpose clear. Status in Australia. Broadsheet has recently launched Scout, a job site that focuses on positions available within the hospitality and lifestyle sector. This builds on the reputation that Broadsheet knows the best places to go, but can help businesses attract the best talent. Nike’s ‘She Runs The Night’ events build on the brands position as an expert in training with a fun offering, playing on the insight that women have different concerns to men when running in the evenings. Qantas has co-founded AWOL, a youth centric site geared towards becoming a trusted travel advisor for adventure seekers. The collaboration with the makers of Junkee.com marries the expertise of both brands. Implications for brands. 1. Think laterally about the application of your brand and services to think of new engagement opportunities. 2. Innovate and diversify out with offerings, products, and services whilst staying grounded in your category. If you see an opportunity, look to non-competitive brands to partner with to expand your knowledge base. 3. Be brave. Not every idea has to appeal to everyone… understand that diversifying can bring about a deeper relationship with few rather than attractive to all.

tech trends
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