10 Media Trends for 2015: New News


Social media has become the new life-blood of breaking news, with the structure of the news sector rapidly evolving. News services have been democratised and many services are moving from gathering news to distributing content.


New news entrants such as Buzzfeed, Vox, Vice and Medium are growing quickly, without the traditional cost bases of older, print focused publishers. Buzzfeed has over 150 million monthly viewers globally, a testament to its mix of lifestyle and news content. Vice, who started life as a free magazine and website, is breaking new ground with video services housed online, but even expanding into TV formats in partnership with HBO. The new formats and news ‘discovery’ typify how whole sectors can be transformed by aligning with consumer behaviour.

Status in Australia.

Australian start-up inkl is a web platform that gives users access to some of the worlds major newspapers in one place for a monthly fee or cost per article (like the Spotify of news). NowThis News is an award winning, mobile and social first news platform that produces AV content, embracing the habits of a mobile and socially connected user base. More Australian sites and networks that started out focusing on lifestyle or entertainment content are now including News sections (i.e. Mamamia, Pedestrian.TV).

Implications for brands.

1. Audiences can now particpate in what they deem newsworthy and vote with their traffic numbers on stories that are most relevant.

2. Video platforms such as Vine, Instagram and most recently Snapchat's Discover are increasingly used to impart 'serious' content.  Newer social platforms have grown up and offer opportunities for brands to deliver factual information as well as brand tone.

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