10 Media Trends for 2015: Robots


Improvements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made it possible for robots to do more than ever before, and the drive for efficiency has led to growing interest.

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With people’s time and attention dwindling with the explosion of new technologies, acceptance of automation is predicted to grow and spread into many industries to cover routine tasks. At the forefront of this trend are brands such as Google, with their automated, driverless cars in beta-testing, and Amazon’s Echo device, which responds to in-home queries, continually learning and adapting to a user’s unique requests and personal preferences. However, while robots may be used to manage the mundane, there will always be a place for activities and pastimes where human skill is both valued and enjoyed.

Status in Australia.

Sunshine Coast Tourism used camera mounted drones to capture footage for their latest destination marketing campaign,providing a unique perspective on the landscape and attractions.

Meet Kasparov and Chesster, two of the National Museum Australia’s newest employees. Their job is to give people from around the world virtual access to laser-guided tours of the Museum. The bots allow virtual visitors to discover hidden images and videos around the gallery, as well as a platform to ask human tour guides questions about exhibits.

Founded by First robotics in the US and established in Australia by Macquarie University, FIRST LEGO League is a competition catering for upper-primary and lower-secondary school students. Every year, teams of up to 10 students build, program and compete with LEGO Mindstorms EV3, NXT or RCX robot kits. The program promotes teamwork while also teaching about modern problem solving in science and engineering, and developing solutions for them.

Implications for brands.

1. Robots can provide new opportunities to interact with customers if harnessed in the right environments. The application of high quality and consistent customer service can drive many benefits.

2.Automation may affect media consumption in the medium to long term. Driverless cars will allow people to watch content in transit or work from their cars.

3.There will always be a place for the human touch for certain activities, however, the growth in device usage and social media, we are seeing increases in customers looking for digital interaction over human.

tech trends
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