10 Media Trends for 2015: Voice


The spoken word is becoming a more prevalent trend as people use more voice search, use speech to control objects, and expect voice as part of messaging platforms.

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The rise of interest in voice has been driven by increased reliability of voice recognition, and communication apps, such as WhatsApp, taking the logical next step from text to voice platforms. Even speech-based podcasts are back in fashion, with true-crime narrative, Serial, receiving over 1M downloads per week! The growth in voice services go hand-in-hand with tech manufacturers pushing voice control as a better user experience as wearables and smart devices in the home become more prevalent. Expect to see the big players, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google, integrating voice technology more seamlessly into their platforms in 2015.

Status in Australia.

To promote the release of the film ‘Her’in Australia, a voice-activated mobile execution allowed users to interact with their smartphone through speech.

16% of mobile internet users in Australia are active Whatsapp users (Q4, 2014). Source: Statista,

2014 Holden’s in-car MyLink technology, allows drivers to use voice-activated technology to access and control smartphone apps through the dashboard while driving.

Implications for brands.

1.  Consider whether your products or services can/should include voice technology.  Could it improve a user's experience with you?

2. Connected TV's, gaming systems and smart watches all look to voice control - think of how you could utilise voice activation in your AV content.

3. Consideration should be given to the ease of pronouncing a brand name a brand name or call out to make the experience natural.  Thik of how you currently use imple search terms and apply similiar learnings.

tech trends
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