AdNews Podcast: Carat's Ashley Earnshaw and Sam Hegg


Welcome to our AdNews Pubcast. This week's pubcast, created by Nova, sees AdNews online editor Pippa Chambers and journalist Arvind Hickman sit down and have a beer with Carat chief investment officer Ashley Earnshaw and chief strategy officer Sam Hegg.

The day after YouTube's annual Brandcast we ask the pair what they took away from the event and the message it sends to TV executives.

Speaking of TV, the pair share their thoughts on what they expect from this year's TV upfronts and how they'd like to see more about what has worked well in the past year.

We also find out what the next 12 months looks like for television on the tech side of things and ask the pair what they're favourite TVCs are at the moment.

There's also talk about beer and whether they think Heineken's new 3% drop will resonate with the Australian market . We also ask the media men how much advertising they watch - you'll be surprised!

Did you know that Ashley and Sam go way back, the pair are from Manchester and worked at a famous restaurant together. Listen to hear their classic back story.

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*This article originally appeared on AdNews

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