Carat Juice #180


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Trend: The Age of Exclusivity

Consumers will forever seek out the scarce and the exclusive – it’s a chance to experience something that not everyone is privy to. Extending upon this, new e-tailers are using the highly personal medium of SMS as a means of identifying customers worthy of limited-edition products. To purchase exclusive clothing from American e-tailer, Stefan's Head, for example, customers must send an SMS to an advertised number, to which they will receive a reply asking for details of their social media accounts in order to be vetted by the company. Those who are deemed worthy are allowed in. It seems our social platforms, where we are the most open, may soon be our key to the most exclusive products and offers.

Nike's Inspiring Instaposters

Nike has turned candid shots of women shared on Instagram into inspiring OOH in Moscow. Created without the knowledge of the subject, the initial round of ‘Instaposters’ aimed to surprise and delight, with many subjects notified via friends and family taking their own shots with the posters. This provoked an avalanche of action shots on Instagram from people hoping to see their own images become street posters. Over 27,000 photos were posted, with a select 54 being brought to life in OOH.

Virtual Reality Gets Extreme Makeover

Vice Sports has teamed up with Reebok for a new web series that uses YouTube's new 360-degree virtual reality function to bring extreme sports to life. Titled 'The Moment', the series provides users with a first-hand immersive experience of what it means to be an athlete in this realm. Kicking off with parkour legend, Ronnie Shalvis, the video allows you to control where you look as the action happens, either by moving your phone around or using the arrow keys on your browser.


What's The Story, Twitter?

Twitter has begun testing a ‘News’ tab within their application. The experimental feature is designed to make content easier to find - it lives in the middle tab of the app’s navigation bar and will bring up a list of headlines trending on the platform. When clicked, it will take users to a story screen featuring the top Tweets discussing the story as well as images and other updates, with the ultimate intent to simplify the way that users access the platform.

The Vines Are Growing

With the increasing popularity of live-streaming platforms, Meerkat and Periscope, you might be fooled into thinking that video-looping platform, Vine, would be taking a bit of a backseat – three’s a crowd, and all. You would be wrong though, as in fact, Vine’s momentum shows no signs of slowing, with more than 100 million people accessing it every month. With the consumption of mobile video on the rise, Vine still remains a relatively untapped opportunity for brands in Australia to engage users in the growing ‘6 seconds or less’ market.


The Only Way is Up For Foxtel

Foxtel has just announced that its recent pricing and packaging strategy has been a success, with reignited subscriber growth evident in the latest full year results. Subscriber numbers grew by 9%, or nearly 230,000, driven mainly by take-up of Foxtel’s traditional cable and satellite products. Having made the bold step last year of changing their pricing model following the explosion of Subscription Video on Demand (SVOD) in Australia, the company also claimed the lowest recorded churn rate they’ve experienced since 2000 – a great result in an increasingly competitive space.

Taking Care of Business...Daily

News Corp Australia has announced the national launch of Business Daily, a new offering for business journalism that will run in each of publisher’s metro masthead titles. Business Daily will feature syndicated national content from trusted business brands, such as The Australian Business Review and Business Spectator, as well as commentary and opinion from some of Australia’s best business writers. It’s a new opportunity for clients wanting to reach an audience of executives, entrepreneurs and business owners.


Mattel Rocks with X-Factor's Marlisa Punzalan

To support the release of the new Barbie Rock’n’Royals DVD and toy product range, Mattel has partnered with the X-Factor’s Marlisa Punzalan and Total Girl magazine. The campaign includes a consumer promotion in Total Girl magazine, where readers need to purchase a Rock 'n' Royals product from Target for a chance to win a concert at their school featuring Marlisa. She will also be featured on Saturday Disney in an interview and will sing a song from the Rock’n’Royals movie. This partnership between Mattel and Marlisa was secured and managed by Carat Connect.



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