DCP: Trading Data in the Metaverse


As a digitally connected person in 2018, you are producing an average of 240 BG of data every month. Soon, virtually every move we make will be stored, making us personally identifiable but something as unconscious and innocuous as the way our fingers move over our mobile screen.


As we hurtle towards this 'Metaverse' - a-not-too-distant-future where our physical and virtual worlds fuse - we revisit Carat's Data Consciousness Project to further understand the evolving terms of a 'Positive Data Exchange', and the experiences that consumers will be expecting in exchange for their data.

Carat's Data Consciousness Project is based on extensive desktop research, a nationally representative survey of 1000 Australians, and 20 face to face, in-depth interviews with participants ranging in age from 10 - 75. The study consists of two phases to date, the first occurring in 2017 and the second in 2018.

Download the whitepaper and listen to the podcasts to learn more about this research at www.caratdata.net 

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