On B&T: 'The Collectors' featuring Carat Melbourne's Sophie Swart


People often mistake collectors for hoarders, stashing musty magazines and clothes in their attic. But, as B&T's Hannah Edensor discovered, our industry has quite the assortment of quirky collectors, sans mothballs and with a better fashion sense.


This article originally appeared in B&T Magazine's Aug/Sept Issue.

Sophie Swart | Business Manager, Carat Melbourne

My parents do a lot of travelling for work and leisure and they started bringing back souvenirs for my brothers and I. Somehow it turned into a collection, with my older brother having a key ring collection, me with snow globes, and my younger brother with a collection of pins. I actually call them snow domes and every one has a story; I remember who bought each one of them and when.

My parents and I used to buy one in every city or country that we went to, together or separately. We always try to buy the ones with snow, not glitter, and over time I’ve accumulated 149. The most recent one I picked up was in Harajuku, Tokyo, when I was there a few months ago.

I got one of my favourite pieces when I was five and I was taken to the Disney store in Chadstone to spend some birthday money. I walked out with a 3D Beauty and The Beast snow dome that plays music – it must have been bigger than my head at the time.

My older cousin also has a collection of snow domes and we used to talk about them and trade but eventually I overtook her. I also have a coffee table book of the most collectable snow domes, but there’s nothing in there I really want. I like adding pieces to the collection that have a memory or story about them, not necessarily ones just picked up from a destination.

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