Paul Brooks: Online versus offline is boring; it’s about audiences


The digital versus traditional media narrative is getting boring, according to Carat CEO Paul Brooks. The only thing that matters is audience. “It is not one or the other,” he told MCN’s Homefronts. “[Online and offline] need to work together. If you have the right audiences, the channel becomes less relevant.”

Greater scrutiny of digital media metrics and measurement, however, is valid, said Brooks, and has forced greater diligence upon the ad industry. Attribution is also imperfect and Carat will channel greater resource into determining post-advertising outcomes in 2017, according to Brooks.

While channel neutrality remains fundamental to proper planning, Brooks suggested brand marketers favour platforms that deliver sight, sound and motion due to their capacity to create connections with audiences.

“We’ve heard a lot [at the Homefronts] around storytelling, emotion and human behavior,” he said.

“If you have an advertising platform that can deliver those elements then you will succeed.”

*This article and video originally appeared on AdNews here

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