Cadbury Time Out: The Time Out $10k

2015 | Carat Melbourne

We wanted to start a new relationship between Cadbury Time Out and millennials – the next generation of chocolate bar buyers. In partnership with Snapchat and VICE, we handed over creative control of the Cadbury Time Out brand identity to millennials; rather than tell them what we’re about, we decided to let them tell us instead. After all, relationships are all about compromise. 

& 500 Time Out 'Snaps' Created

The Brief: 

Cadbury Time Out launched in 1995 to much chocolate-y fanfare, quickly becoming one of the confectionery giant’s best-selling bars.

In the beginning, like most relationships, it was all hot and heavy – from a TARP’s perspective that is – Time Out was everywhere. Then, again like a lot of relationships, everybody got comfortable – maybe even a little complacent – thinking the job was done. Cadbury Timeout went quiet, with no advertising running for ten long years.

Cut to 2015, and Cadbury Timeout now had little to no relevance with the younger chocolate bar consumer. Parent company, Mondelez International, wanted to turn this trend around and forge a new connection with the millennial audience as the next generation of bar buyers. Sales were a secondary objective.

The Strategy:

The challenge with Time Out was that aside from being named after its consumption occasion, the bar had really had no distinct personality or brand attributes to bring to life. It didn’t stand for anything. Rather than let that sway us, we decided to use it to our advantage.

Our idea was to get millennials to use their ‘time out’ – those little breaks in the day where chocolate cravings are likely to hit – to create their own brand identity for the bar.

We hoped the outcome would be two-fold: Time Out would be top of mind in the right consumption occasion, and – more importantly – millennials would feel some new-found ownership over, and therefore engagement with, its brand personality. 

So how do millennials spend their time out? On their phones, of course, using the world’s fastest growing social app, Snapchat – famous for its unique ‘time out’ functionality. 


The Execution:

We strapped ourselves in as the first Australian FMCG brand to advertise on Snapchat, got ourselves an account, and found the perfect launch partner to get us off the ground – VICE – who came complete with their own Snapchat Discover channel.

From there, we promptly handed over creative control of the Time Out brand to millennials, launching ‘The Time Out $10k’. This was a competition grounded in Snapchat that challenged millennials to snap a picture of Time Out and get creative with it, using the app’s awesome suite of drawing tools; the most creative snap would win the cash.

For some early inspiration and much needed street cred, we worked the VICE partnership and commissioned renowned New York street artists, Yok and Sheryo, to create three custom Time Out art pieces.

These awesome artworks were used as the basic for a comprehensive street poster campaign across Australia designed to drum up interest and entries. We also sponsored VICE’s Snapchat Discover channel and had a comprehensive presence across their entire media network.

All entries were submitted via @TimeOutAu’s Snapchat channel and housed in a central competition hub created by VICE’s in house creative agency, Virtue. Particularly awesome entries were amplified via Cadbury’s Facebook page to stoke the competitive fires we know burn so strong in the millennial audience.


The Results: 

Innovation certainly paved the way for millennial engagement - the campaign was a huge success, with highlights including: 

• Nearly 500 crazy and creative competition entries

• 18,000+ visits to the competition landing page

• 1.1 mil millennials reached via online video

• 2.68 mil reached per week via our street poster campaign – more eyeballs than have been on the brand in over a decade

Our activity on the Cadbury Facebook page not only reached over 2.5 million millennials, it also delivered an unprecedented level of engagement for the brand. The post announcing the competition winner was Cadbury's most engaging post in history, delivering a CTR of 3.86% – three times the standard benchmark for engagement. 

Global Social Media Marketing firm, Postano, even listed it among their ‘15 Best Snapchat Campaigns of 2015’. 

Most importantly however, we were able to take Time Out beyond the traditional boundaries of FMCG advertising and set an exciting precedent for campaigns to come.

& 500 Time Out 'Snaps' Created
A 3.5 MILLION + Millennials Reached
F 3x Standard of Engagement on Facebook
l #1 Most Engaging FB Post in Cadbury's History

"It is becoming increasingly important to innovate with media in order to cut through. Partnering with Carat and VICE has enabled us to activate on Snapchat for the first time in the history of Cadbury - it's super exciting to be doing things that have never been done before.”

Dwayne Hutton Brand Manager - Cadbury Bars, Mondelez International
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