Dentsu Aegis Network Canada CEO Annette Warring was named Media Director of the Year at the 2014 Agency of the Year Awards. Hosted by Strategy last night, this prestigious honor celebrates Annette's contribution to building the agency of the future.

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Since arriving at Dentsu Aegis Network in 2007, Annette Warring has generated continuous growth and innovation for the business in the Canadian market. Under her helm, Dentsu Aegis has seen exceptional achievements including a successful shift to a new fully integrated business model, major blue chip client wins and tripled revenue in only two years.

Each year, Strategy invites the media industry to nominate their most impactful leaders and share their accomplishments. The task of determining the nominee that most deserves the Media Director of the Year award falls to the Media Agency of the Year jury, and the winner is awarded at the Agency of the Year ceremony.

Annette Warring's future agency
Count Annette Warring, CEO of Denstu Aegis Network, among the media execs who’ve heard time and again that silos are bad. The problem she sees is that many agencies have taken the same approach to fixing it, layering on specialists and making organizational structures heavier.

“It’s not just about creating different titles or even hiring a team to lead integration. It’s not about changing the structure, it’s about rebuilding it,” Warring says of de-siloing.

Part of the rebuilding process for Dentsu Aegis is bringing all its brands under a single-P&L structure, a process Warring helped accelerate in Canada, which has now been adopted in branches in other markets. Instead of making her company big and bulky, she says the structure has freed it from some of the hierarchical barriers that would otherwise limit her ability to share resources and talent, and eliminated redundancies across the network. While managing this structure over the last two years, Warring has seen the agency’s revenue triple.

This year, she set her agency up for what she predicts will be an expanded role in creating ad content, focusing on delivering it intelligently using data. She brought branded content arm The Story Lab to Canada, which does just that. That data offering is bolstered by the Canadian version of the Data2Decisions analytics branch.

“We spent over $1 million this year on tech and automation to make us faster, more agile and smarter,” she says. “To have that level of investment to try and build the agency of the future, clowning around with the same old structure is just not sustainable.”

This article was first published on Strategy.

Photo credit: Benedicte Brocard

annette warring media director of the year 2014 agency of the year awards dentsu aegis network canada carat canada strategy online
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