Carat presents its 2017-2018 television season analysis and predictions


We are kicking off the new television season with a 2017-2018 programming overview that includes a prime nightly programming comparagraph, topline media landscape as well as an evaluation and dissection of the new programs, returning programs and cancelled programs by network across English and French Canada.

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With the dawn of a new television season comes the introduction of 46 new English Conventional programs across CTV, Global, City and CBC.  Dramas continue to dominate as the most popular genre with the emergence of detective documentaries, military dramas and intense mysteries. We see the resurgence of family comedies including spin-offs, revivals and US comedies to Canada as well as a few reality entries surrounding music and baking themes.  Overall the English 2017/18 new programming season surrounding nostalgia (Will & Grace, SWAT) and familiar faces (Shemar Moore - SWAT, Jeremy Piven - Wisdom of the Crowd and David Boreanaz - Seal Team) brings us big stars/big brands, heart and balance as well as a heroes theme.  While Conventional is coming back to its broad audience strengths, Specialty is fine-tuning it’s niche targets with an array of new programming this season.

The Fall television season in Quebec will be emotion-filled for audiences and will also feature many new shows, original productions and TV comebacks. More than 15 new shows will be presented as of this Fall on conventional stations. Drama shows, which are increasingly popular across wider audiences, are more present on the TV grid. Stations are also looking to reach a younger target and various shows have been tailored for a family audience. Reality show “Occupation Double”, a major hit on TVA, lands on V. All new to kick off the 11th season: candidates will be able to share content directly on social media. Specialty channels now span a greater variety of original productions including series, magazines and reality shows. Finally, newly acquired foreign shows debut as part of this new television upfront season.

Which programs will thrive, survive or miss the mark?  We present you our recap which provides our predictions across all media groups.

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carat canada
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