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There are many challenges related to the insurance industry. It is generally considered dull and unappealing, a business where pricing is the main factor in the decision process, where it is next to impossible to promise fixed rates, and where different insurance companies are often perceived as interchangeable.

& 20,000 Clients had joined the program Only six weeks after the launch of the campaign


Within such a context, Desjardins Assurances wanted to stand out from the competition by offering an exclusive product that would reward good driving. This product is called Ajusto, a device that is installed inside the vehicle, allowing drivers to take control of their automobile insurance by measuring their driving behaviour on the road. They then enjoy a rebate according to their actual driving habits.


With Ajusto, one of Desjardins’ main objectives is to attract good drivers by offering insurance premiums reflecting their actual risk. On this basis, the brand’s target group with this new product consists of adults 25-54 who are responsible, family oriented, community-minded individuals.

The key challenge upon launching the program was to inform people about this new technology, which Quebecers knew little about, without raising concerns (privacy, perceived risk of increased premiums). 





The innovative and exclusive aspects of the Ajusto program necessitated an implementation that was large in scope and yet remained focused on the communications axis.

The media mix was established accordingly, and traditional formats were selected in order to create awareness for the Ajusto brand: 15-second TV spots, 30-second radio spots, bus side panels, superboards and bus shelters. Media creativity, for its part, was used to demonstrate and emphasize the communications axis

Photo credit: Desjardins


& 20,000 Clients had joined the program Only six weeks after the launch of the campaign
Q 32% Assisted awareness rate after 6 weeks Rate climbed to 42% at the end of the second quarter
E 104,000 Unique visitors On ajusto.com website
w GRAND PRIZE Media category STRAT Prize 2014
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