A Californian vacation

2014 | CANADA

California Tourism’s brand distinction lies within its unique attitude and lifestyle, offering the best of what life has to offer.

v 6.6 million households were reached for this campaign


However, Canadians have low awareness of what a vacation could be in California and do not have the destination top of mind when vacation planning. We were challenged to come up with a creative media solution in a cost efficient yet fun and engaging manner that showcased the experience pillars which make a California vacation one of a kind.

The results of the program were outstanding; the program in Canada has set a precedent for all other countries around the world in which California advertises.

Photo credit: E! Network

v 6.6 million households were reached for this campaign
$ $117.5 billion total in travel and tourism expenditures in 2014 according to Visit California
E 33% over-delivery on estimates
v over 37,000 online gallery views in just a few short weeks
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