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On April 28, 1987, Québec experiences its greatest injustice since the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.

To resonate with Quebec City citizens, we went back to our history books and found a lingering open wound that would generate emotions and opinions locally: the refusal of Alain Côté’s goal, former Quebec Nordiques player. This ill-fated goal would’ve probably eliminated their long-time and biggest rivals, the Habs. After more than 25 years, this refused goal still lit up the city.

$ 130% sales increase against 2013 for the same period


After months of renovation taking a blow on in-store traffic, Réno-Dépôt was finally ready to re-open end of June 2014, after losing precious sales in the spring, which is the busiest period of the year in the renovation industry. Facing a growing number of specialized stores, a market leader named CANAC, we had to double our efforts to bring back consumers in our three locations.


Building upon emotionally charged historical facts, we created editorial opportunities for all three actors so they could have a platform to discuss about this lingering open wound, and in the process enhance the campaign’s reach and strength


In addition to the TV spot, we went further by getting the maximum exposure time to each character. We aimed first at TVA, which has the number 1 TV station and print newspaper in the City. We integrated our celebrities in Salut Bonjour and Sucré Salé, and also got news journalists reporting from our stores. The story was also taken back by RDS who gave us provincial visibility, which brought waves of social comments outside our primary market!

In radio, we went live with interviews on the number 1 radio station, CHOI RadioX and also negotiated live mentions from the radio hosts plus live remotes from the three openings to drive traffic in store.

In print, we fought hard and got visibility on the front page of the number 1 newspaper in the city, Le Journal de Québec, while adding a 2-page editorial covering our advertising campaign, the three openings and the historical event.

To complete our strong presence in the market, we make sure to leave our mark at the market leader CANAC by using outdoor visibility such has billboards and buses, all located and driving near our main competitor store.

Photo credit: Réno-Dépôt / Le Journal de Québec / Dominic Arpin / Le Huffington Post

$ 130% sales increase against 2013 for the same period
E 99% transactions increase against 2013 for the same period
U 12% increase for the average basket against 2013 for the same period
w Grand Prize Best campaign under 250k Prix Média 2015
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