Carat has released China’s first data fusion research based on its proprietary CCS (Consumer Connection System) and Tencent Big Data. The research found that Chinese women are experiencing a shift unprecedented in history. Their behavior and mindset are shifting towards a stronger and more independent attitude. In this process of identity reconstruction of the Chinese women, there is great business and communication opportunity for brands.


Big data is everywhere, but still remains at a vague and conceptual surface. How to make a breakthrough and reach in-depth business value by combining data is the core challenge for any marketing and data expert. 

Carat is leading the industry, integrating, for the first time, survey data and real-time big data and combining China’s largest consumer database Carat CCS and Tencent Big Data, which contains data from 877 million QQ accounts and 846 million WeChat accounts. This data fusion lets us get real-time insights from the changes in consumers’ media behavior and the core driving forces of these behavior changes. This data fusion practice helps brands find meaningful connecting points to their target consumers and create the content they really need. In this way, brands can get their recognition and attention in the consumer media scene, and establish an integrated ecological communication system.


Through the data fusion research, Carat found that Chinese women are experiencing a shift unprecedented in history. They no longer play a supporting role in the family and society, they are no longer content with just being equal to men – they are eager to have the right to speak, to participate, to dominate more than men. They are actively making great efforts and learning towards this goal and are becoming much stronger and independent, and this process is at different levels in different cities. 


Based on the in-depth insight of Chinese women’s behavior and their mind, Carat has revealed the business and communication opportunities for brands:


1. How to inspire Chinese women’s understanding of their own role through brand positioning will be a great opportunity to win their heart.


2. How to provide the corresponding innovative products and services to help Chinese women learn and grow, so that they can better take on their social and family responsibilities, and enjoy their role at the same time? This is the best opportunity for brands to enter contemporary women’s life.


3. From the communication perspective, finding a connecting point based on the real understanding of Chinese women’s needs and aspirations in their meaningful life scenes will impress them. Re-examinate the choice of media contact points, some seemingly “male-exclusive” communication will be good access to Chinese women, and communicate deeply with them. For women of different tiered cities, brands need to develop a hierarchical communication strategy, and build up an integrated communication system. 






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