Carat’s Jenny Yang and Weichong Khor Elected to Key Positions at MMA China


MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) China has appointed Carat China’s Jenny Yang, Managing Director, Data and Strategy as Deputy Chair of Research Committee and Weichong Khor, Head of Digital Futures as Deputy Chair of Mobile Advertising Guideline Committee - Measurement & Ad standard in the MMA China’s 2016-2017 membership meeting and board management team election held in Shanghai.

Carat’s Jenny Yang and Weichong Khor Elected to Key Positions at MMA China Carat’s Jenny Yang and Weichong Khor Elected to Key Positions at MMA China

Jenny Yang will jointly lead the Research Committee to conduct in-depth analysis of the mobile marketing development, consumer behaviour pattern and brand owners’ needs. Yang commented: “In the mobile digital economy featured with full-sample and real-time big data, the challenges are to look into the fragmented time of consumers behind all different ID’s and tags, and to transform the fragmented time into the resonance between brands and consumers as well as opportunities for growing clients’ business. By leveraging Carat’s strengths in data combined with Carat’s ecosystem and convergence planning approach, we hope to help the industry dig into the value of mobile big data and redefine the application of data and research in the mobile digital communication, leading the industry to create greater business value for brands.”

Weichong Khor will guide and support the development of Mobile Advertising Guideline Committee in the Measurement & Ad standard area for building a healthy mobile marketing environment. Khor said: “China is a very unique market where we can’t easily adopt the global standards on measurement and standardization. A lot of work has been done thus far and much more to be done still. I am very honoured to be given the mandate to co-chair the committee in the area of mobile advertising guideline. The key areas to focus in 2017 include the adoption of ad verification, development of China unique ad serving methodology and establishment of standards for safer programmatic. I’m looking forward to redefining mobile measurement and ad standards with the leaders in the industry!”

KF Lee, Chairperson of DAN China and Co-founder & Honorary Board Member of MMA China, said: “Mobile media is now driving the growth of digital media’s overall ad expenditures in China. We need to seize upon the huge potential and reach out to the consumers in China’s mobile marketing market. At the same time, we should push forward with establishing industry regulations and promote industry standardization. I am confident the two newly elected vice chairs will work closely with their committee members to lead all member companies to promote the healthy development of mobile marketing economy.”

Commenting on the new appointments of Carat’s two digital experts, Ellen Hou, CEO of Carat China said: “Thanks for the support of MMA. We so pleased that Carat’s best digital talents can contribute for the development of Mobile Marketing in China. Transparency and safety are areas of critical importance and we’re delighted to take this chance to push forward best practice.”

As the China branch of the world-leading Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), MMA China strives to promote the development of China’s mobile marketing industry.

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