Chinese Millennial Travelers, where next?


Chinese millennial travellers are fuelling the growth of global tourism as they seek new and fresh experiences. But what influences where they want to go? And how do they plan their next adventure?


In 'Where next?' a new report released in collaboration between Carat, AMNET and Jing Travel, Carat has defined 3 key segments from a study of over 8 million users.  These travellers aged between 22 and 37 were tagged across a two-month period within the Shanghai Data Exchange – SHDX.  The study also brings in data from Carat's own proprietary data study CCS. CCS is the largest consumer study in China with over 70,000 respondents, over 88 cities and covering 200 categories.

The data showed a clear segmentation in the behaviour and attitude of Chinese millennial travellers; Adventurous Influencers, Followers of Fashion and the Culturally Curious.  Adventurous Influencers were the early adopters and opinion leaders as they sought out more authentic cultural experiences.   Highly vocal across their social platforms, they play an influential role in shaping perceptions of where's hot or not.

"We saw an increasing level of spontaneity in travel plans, with 33% of the users making their plans in the month before travel as they look to capitalise on late deals and the rising number of visa free destinations" says Ellen Hou, Carat China CEO.  "this young generation see lifestyle as the way to express their personal brand, travel is a hugely important part of that identity".

"The boom in Chinese travel following "somewhere only we know" is an excellent example of how cultural products drive travel to non-traditional destinations.  What we see from this study is how events such as Music festivals and temporary exhibitions are now also becoming drivers of travel consumption" says Daniel Meesak, Publisher, Jing Travel.  "I'd argue that such events hold much more potential for driving Chinese travel than destinations and brands realize at this point".

The report features studies of the key segments, tracking their sources of inspiration, their research journey and the digital touchpoints that they interact with.

"As the mobile-connected young generation is shaping the future of China's economy, it is important to take an effective approach to understanding their digital footprints and online behaviors. In collaboration with our strategic data partner, Shanghai Data Exchange, we are excited to provide data and analytics support, in a move to help explore the decision journey of Chinese Millennial Travelers and uncover valuable, actionable insights," said Lawrence Wan, Amnet China Managing Director.


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