Oreo – live streaming, breaking records two at a time, in real time


To celebrate the launch of the new double chocolate flavour, ‘Double Enjoyment’ range, Oreo and Carat have pioneered a new model of content cooperation. As part of their ongoing joint business partnership, Oreo joined forces with Alibaba platforms Tmall, Taobao, Laifeng and Youku to host a night of live streaming.

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Popular stars Xue Zhiqian and Da Zhangwei used Oreo to complete challenges posted by viewer and bringing to life the ‘play with oreo’ ethos.  The night saw them respond with games such as make your own, and a challenge reminiscent of the game played by Joey in the famous sitcom ‘Friends’, the ‘how many oreo’s can you fit in your mouth challenge’….. and sing at the same time.  The crazy games caused a buzz across social media with viewers also playing and sharing their attempts.

The combined impact of Oreo, live shows and two super stars set new records. During the live broadcast, the four live platforms attracted more than 4.5 million unique views.  For Tmall, the feature reached over 26 million video views, which breaks the Tmall Live show records and beat the record for sales of Oreo on Tmall at the same time.  Since the live streaming itself, impact has continued to spread as viewers shared the footage. Less than 5 days from the campaign start, total page views of the topic #大薛配配配# are over 370 million on Weibo.

Mani R.K Managing Director at Carat commented, ‘this is a great example of how Mondelez’s integrated approach to content and ecommerce is paying dividends and at same time staying true to the brand ethos of ‘Play with Oreo’.

marketing news
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