China’s Post-90s generation have entered the birth-giving age range, the lifestyles and shopping habits of those new mums have been changed dramatically. And In recent years, China’s population suffers declining newborn numbers and ratios, While young families are more and more hesitant to raise more than 1 child due to complex reasons, Parents do really have stronger willing and financial ability to spend more on high quality for their sole child.

Plus, in recent years, the fragmentation characteristics of the Mum and Child stores lead to fierce competition and short life cycle.

All the brands are trying to provide consumers with a one-stop service with a full range of categories, fine environment, and personal warm assistance. At the same time, the current online channels also have the advantages of being conveniently accessible, price comparability and richness of marketing means.

How to make Friso stand out from the crowd?



Post 90s’ consuming characteristics are reshaping Mum and Child market. According to our research, more high-end consumptions are led by post-90s mums. They want to try new, value their own personality. Their purchases are more ignited by environment and surrounding. They are tech passionate, service oriented. Understanding their consumption and media behaviors are important for brands to develop the right brand communication strategy reflecting their demands.  


Campaign Objectives: Attracting China’s post-90s new mums is the key to grow, Facing the fierce battle of striving for new mums, how Friso can adapt to this new competition among all the competitors?

Communications strategy: One of China’s most popular short video app, Tik Tok has been playing an important role in the new mums community.   However the traditional TVC approach and KOL endorsement on Tik Tok doesn’t effectively reach the new mums group. And simply broadcasting the traditional brand content can’t really release the audience data power of Tik Tok’s platform properly as well. We need to develop the right content for Tik Tok’s communication environment that appealing to those new mums on Tik Tok. Finding a right media strategy to create integration of the online and offline both is the trend for sustainable growth too.

Solution:  Our approach is to upgrade the cooperation model with our current offline channels. Make Friso’s frontline FMCs (Friso’s sales people) become the most influential KOLs for brand. Utilizing short video territory directional traffic and KOLs’ private traffic, accurately reaching our TA group in broader cities in China. Friso X kidswant join hands to run a Tik Tok-based campaign, looking for the best spokesperson for Friso’s targeted cities. Providing 17 FMC from 17 cities the honor by posting their short customized videos. They created different dialect short videos, reaching brand’s TA in 17 cities. With the power of Tik Tok’s unique POI system to find the most accurate TA based on offline store’s location, and then leverage the power of online coupons collection to drive customers to offline stores for optimizing performance.

Key media mix (provide up to top 3 and state % of budget)   : 100% for Tik Tok

State any first ever/ media innovation : Most Innovative case ranked by Tik Tok China in 2019 -- This is the very first time that a baby formula brand use Tik Tok platform’s to support their offline store’s sales team by providing effective traffic to each store and also the first time to give sales team members wonderful opportunity to leverage their private traffic from online to offline. And also The first time for brand to encourage sales teams to create their own personalized content to interact with new mums.

It’s a beginning for brands to think of new communication way for offline stores – driving traffic to support your frone-line sales teams with innovative media practice.

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