Gunwharf Quays - Summer Brand Campaign

2016 | Newcastle

Gunwharf Quays is a premium outlet shopping, multiple dining and leisure offering based in a unique waterfront setting. Working with Carat they wanted to unify a multi-faceted proposition, target existing customers and introduce Gunwharf Quays to new audiences beyond their core catchment.

E +13.6% YoY Centre Sales Campaign led to the most commercially successful summer trading period on the centre's 15 year history.

The challenge

To create a campaign that accurately targeted specific audiences in catchments not previously targeted within a similar budget whilst achieving significant footfall and sales growth for the centre.

To achieve the centre’s 2016 annual sales targets and as part of the long-term growth plans to maintain the number 2 outlet position in the UK by sales density, the marketing strategy was to;
· Increase the proportion of higher affluence customers using ACORN profiling and targeting
    - Affluent Achievers
    - Rising Prosperity
    - Comfortable Communities
· Increase the centres overall catchment size by penetrating new territories beyond the core catchment 
· Increase the frequency of core catchment customers and maximise footfall during key trading periods 
· Increase the volume of domestic and international tourists. 

The school summer holiday period, and the lead up, are already a key trading period for the centre however we identified an opportunity to further increase sales during the summer trading period in 2016. 

The Strategy

It was identified that our target audience were likely to be commuting in to London on a regular basis. So we had OOH presence at stations, on train panels and geo fenced commuter stations within our catchment on the line between London and Portsmouth.

Using media that allowed location targeting ensured the most cost effective way to increase reach to new audiences as well as the introduction of new channels targeting domestic and international tourists.

Through analysis of the centres historical Wi-Fi registrations data and CACI exit surveys, combined with new customer focus groups, we identified that we had started to make territorial gains and were beginning to see the catchment widen and the audience were becoming increasingly affluent the further away they went.

This data, combined with the sales results from the previous Christmas campaign, gave us the confidence to increase our media reach and use the summer campaign to drive the catchment beyond the core drive time of up to 45 mins. This additional reach needed to be achieved without increasing YoYspend.

We also worked with our digital media partner to collect data on site visitors and apply a sophisticated targeting strategy based on finding lookalike audiences based on their online behaviour.

The Solution

We wanted to deliver a campaign combining media, digital, and social that targeted existing and new audiences by profile and location.

Using a combination of ITV regional and Sky AdSmart TV to target the core and outer catchment, anchoring the overall campaign we were able to deliver a campaign against the hard to reach affluent audience outside of the core catchment.

6 regional radio stations across the core and outer catchment were used and DAX streaming was introduced to allow targeting by customer profile and location in the outer catchment.

A heavyweight Out of Home campaign was developed around key transport links and hubs targeting the full catchment as well as domestic and international tourists.

Mobile only activity was introduced, after identifying 60% of web traffic was being accessed by mobile phones and tablets.

We ran a mix of formats and messaging across Facebook and Instagram, cost efficiently targeting by audience profile and location.

Using profile targeting, a digital campaign ran over 7 weeks achieving a reach of 4.65 million. This included a display campaign targeting the core catchment using leader boards and MPU’s, but also with the introduction of a new expandable format to target the outer catchment that integrated the TV advert.

In addition, for the first time we introduced a new Google PPC campaign around “Outlet Shopping” and “Things to do in Portsmouth” to further support the targeting of domestic and international tourists.

The objective of the summer campaign was to increase overall centre sales by +10.5% YoY during the summer period, we upped this achieving centre sales achieved were +13.6% YoY resulting in the most commercially successful summer trading period in the centre’s 15-year history. 

E +13.6% YoY Centre Sales Campaign led to the most commercially successful summer trading period on the centre's 15 year history.
U +16.7% YoY Retail Sales Also saw an increase of +4.03% in footfall after the targeted campaign.
v +13.51% YoY Online Traffic Increase of new users to the website.
& 18 million PR and Outreach Achieved 18 million against a target of 12 million and was delivered to plan, on time and to budget.
Purple Apple Award for Strategic Marketing Award of the Year

Purple Apple Award for Strategic Marketing Award of the Year

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